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    Hydac Check Valves

    Hydac Check Valves

    Hydac check valves…

    Hydac ValvesHydac check valves are poppet and spool valves that help to control the opening and closing of hydraulic components; they control inlet, discharge or outlet of hydraulic fluids.

    The range of Hydac check valves includes:

    Check valves: RV06A, RV06B, RV06C, RV08A, RV08A-51, RV12A, RV16A, RVM06020, RVM06020-51, RVE-R 1/8, RVE-R 1/4, RVE-R 3/8, RVE-R 1/2, RV-06, RV-08, RV-10, RV-12, RV-16, RV-20, RV-25, RV-30, RV-40, RVP-06, RVP-08 RV-10, RV-12, RV-16, RV-20, RV-25, RV-30, RV-40, RVP-06, RVP-08, RVP-10, RVP-12, RVP-16, RVP-20, RVP-25, RVP-30, RVP-40,  ZW-RV06 and ZW-RV10.

    Check valves, pilot-operated: RP08A, RP10A, RP16A, RPL10121, ERVE08021, ERVE16021, ERVE20021, ERVM-R 1/2, RPDR06, RPDR08, RPDR10, RPER06, RPER08, RPR08021, VP-RP6, VP-RP10, ZW-RP06 and ZW-RP10.

    Counter balance valves: RS08, RS08-50, SBVE-R 1/2, SBVE-R1SBD, R-08RSM10121 and RSM12121.

    Hose break valves: RBE-R 1/4, RBE-R 3/8, RBE-R 1/2 and RBE-R 3/4.

    Shuttle change-over valves: WVE-R 1/8, WVE-R 1/4, WVE-R 1/2 and WVTWVG-06.

    Motor start hydraulic capacitors: MAV.

    Don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of valve you need; our experienced team can help determine the one that will be best suited to your application.

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