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    Hydac Flow Valves

    Hydac Flow Valves

    Hydac hydraulic flow valves…

    Hydac ValvesHydac flow valves offer a comprehensive range of functions that are used in many hydraulic applications. Flow valves determine the flow rate in a hydraulic system, aided by either mechanical or hydraulic alteration of cross-sections.

    The range of Hydac flow valves comprises:

    Needle valves: DV5E, SD08, SD10, SD10120, DVE08920, DVE10920, DVE12920, DVE16920, DV-06, DV-08, DV-10, DV-12, DV-16, DV-20, DV-25, DV-30, DV-40, DVP-06, DVP-08, DVP-10, DVP-12, DVP-16, DVP-20, DVP-25, DVP-30 and DVP-40.

    Needle valves, hydraulically actuated: SDH05330.

    Needle valves with reverse flow check: SDR10A, SDR10A-11, DRV-06, DRV-08, DRV-10, DRV-12, DRV-16, DRV-20, DRV-25, DRV-30, DRV-40, DRVP-06, DRVP-08, DRVP-10, DRVP-12, DRVP-16, DRVP-20, DRVP-25, DRVP-30, DRVP-40, ZW-SDR06 and ZW-SDR10.

    Flow control valves, pressure compensated: SR06, SR08, SR10, SR5E, SRE1, SRE2, SRE3, SRE4, SRVR-12, SRVR-16, SRVR-20, SRVRP-08, SRVRP-10, SRVRP-12, SRVRP-16, VP-2SR6, VP-2SR10, ZW-2SR06 and ZW-2SR10.

    Flow control valves, priority style: SRP08, SRA10130 and SRP12.

    Pressure compensators: DWM12130Y, DW05830V, DWM12121V, DW10V, DM16V, DWM08130Z, DWM12121ZB/H, DMW12121ZD, DMW12121ZMD/PD/MDZ/PDZ, DMW121230Z, DW10Z, DW16Z, DWM10130R, DWM12121R, DWM12130R, DW12P-22, ZW-DW06 and ZW-DW10.

    Flow dividers/combiners: ST10, ST12230 and ST16.

    Don’t worry if you’re not sure on what sort of Hydac flow valve you need; our experienced team will be able to determine the one that will be best suited to your application.