Bucher Hydraulics Motors

Bucher hydraulics motors for mobile and industrial applications alike…

The range includes:

  • APM Series External Gear Motors | Unidirectional (model code APM) and reversible (APMR) motors with integral anti-cavitation valve and outrigger bearing for axial and radial loads with displacements from 8.4 to 54 cc/rev; peak pressure of 320 bar and maximum speed of 4000 rpm. The range comprises: APM212 | APMR212 | APM212HP | APMR212HP | APM250 | APMR250HP 
  • QXM Internal Gear Unit | This drive unit can be used in open- and closed-loop hydrostatic drives, and can operate both as a pump and as a motor. Displacements from 5.1 cc/rev to 495.4 cc/rev; maximum speeds of 4000 rpm (pump) and 4600 rpm (motor). The range comprises: QXM2 | QXM3 | QXM4 | QXM6 | QXM8 
  • QXM42-HS Internal-Gear Motor | For use at extremely high speeds, this motor has first-rate efficiency, extremely low noise levels and can carry high external radial loads.
  • QXM-Mobil Internal Gear Motor | Displacements from 2.5 cc/rev to 8 cc/rev QXM12-0025 | QXM12-0030 | QXM12-0035 | QXM12-0040 | QXM22-0050 | QXM22-0063 | QXM22-0080
  • QXEM Internal Gear Unit | Single-stage motors for constant and variable speeds.  QXEM2 | QXEM3 | QXEM4 | QXEM5 | QXEM8
  • AXFM axial piston motors | Displacements from 18 cc/rev to 76 cc/rev; 450 bar continuous pressure; 5000 maximum rpm.

Please contact us if you cannot see the Bucher hydraulics motors that you need listed below – we’ll still be able to help!