Bucher Hydraulics Safety Relief Valves

Bucher Hydraulics safety relief valves: leak-free load control valves, load control valves and pipe rupture valves…

Preventing hydraulic actuators from overrunning the available oil supply, load control valves act together as a control, load, holding, safety, and pipe-rupture valves. Some advantages of these Bucher hydraulic safety relief valves include; leak-free valve seats and a pilot pressure that can be adjusted to match that of the system.

Applications include; boom systems, stabilizer cylinders, winch drives, hydraulic presses, mobile, port and ship cranes and drilling rigs. The range includes:

Load control valves

  • BBV Series | Bucher BBV valves prevent hydraulic actuators from running ahead of the available oil supply. In one valve, they combine the functions of load-holding, safety and pipe-rupture protection.
  • CINDY  | Bucher CINDY valves are leak-free load-control valves that are ideally suited for use in high-pressure applications up to 420 bar (6000 psi): CINDY-P | CINDY-S | CINDY-C
  • CINDY-REG Valves | A load control valve that saves energy right at the cylinder. The safety valve has a smart regeneration concept and makes it possible to reuse part of the oil flow. This is then fed directly into the opposite end of the cylinder.
  • CBPP | This Bucher valve is a differential area, direct acting, screw in cartridge style, non-vented, poppet type, adjustable, pilot assisted, hydraulic counterbalance valve. It controls a moving load, preventing it from running ahead of the pump.
  • SNKA and SNSA |  These hand-adjusted Bucher valves are stack-mounting counterbalance valves. They control the movement of negative loads and control the oil leaving the actuator:  SNKA-TB | SNSA-A | SNSA-B | SNA-AB

Pipe rupture valves

  • CFS excavator pipe-rupture valves | These flange-mounting valves are used wherever required by standards ISO 8643, EN 474 and DIN 24093 for excavators with a lifting device: CFS 16-ES | CFS 16-EF | CFS 20-ES
  • ESV excavator pipe-rupture valve | The ESV valve prevents uncontrolled cylinder movement in the event that a pipe or hose bursts. It  fulfills all of the requirements of the ISO 8643  and EN 474-5 standards for excavators.
  • RS pipe rupture valve | Bucher pipe-rupture valves are used wherever a load must not be allowed to drop rapidly and without control if a pipe or hose bursts, e.g. uncontrolled movement of a cylinder:  RS 08-P / RS 08-W | RS 12-P / RS 12-W | RS 16 | RS 16-P / RS 16-W | RS 20-P / RS 20-W | RS 25-P / RS 25-W | RS 32 | RS 32-P / RS 32-W

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options, or if you cannot see the Bucher Hydraulics safety relief valves that you need – we’ll be delighted to help!