Sunfab SAP DIN OFI Single Flow Pumps


Sunfab SAP DIN OFI (Optimised for Injector) pumps are an externally drained variant of the standard SAP pump series. They offer a very high oil flow in combination with the Sunfab injector K-Jet 2.

Available in 2 sizes, SAP084 and SAP108, DIN OFI pumps are suitable for hydraulic motor operations in closed circuits. The injector K-Jet 2 provides pressurisation of the suction side and gives excellent speed characteristics and high flows.

The front seals in the pump are made of HNBR to withstand the higher temperatures that occur at engine PTO mounting.

Sunfab SAP DIN OFI pumps either have displacements of 84 cc/rev or 108 cc/rev and maximum working pressures of 400 bar. They are speed-optimised and are supplied for either left (L) or right (R) rotation direction.

Maximum continuous pump speeds range from 1800 to 3000 rpm, with minimum continuous speeds from 300 to 1200 rpm. Meanwhile, maximum intermittent speed is 2300 rpm.

Other features include:

  • Light weight metal casing design;
  • Smooth operation over the entire speed range;
  • Long life material selection on bearings, seals, etc;
  • Corrosion free light metal-housing;
  • Less heat generation as a result of improved heat dissipation through the pump housing.

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