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    Hydraulics Glossary – M

    A conductor that provides multiple connection ports. A fabricated system of passages to which various components are attached to form a working assembly or sub-assembly. See hydraulic manifolds.

    A control actuated by the operator.

    A way of manually actuating an automatically-controlled device.

    The mass of fluid per unit of time passing through a given cross-section of a flow-passage in a given direction.

    A hydraulic component that transfers mechanical energy to trapped fluids. Mechanical accumulators include dead-weight and spring-loaded accumulators.

    A control actuated by cams, gears, linkages, screws or other mechanical elements.

    Energy created by the physical interaction of instruments or tools.

    To regulate the amount of fluid flow into an actuator or system.

    1/1000th of a millimeter or 0.00003937 inches. The measure used to determine the particle size of contaminants in a fluid system.

    The size, in microns, of the particles a filter will remove.

    Capable of being mixed in any concentration without separation of phases.

    A device which converts hydraulic energy into rotary motion and force, either fixed or variable. See hydraulic motors.

    A mechanical device for reducing gas flow noise, by providing a complex path for exhaust of air from a pressurised chamber.