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    Vickers Industrial Valves

    Vickers industrial valves are used to control machine functions in the most demanding environments and continuous duty cycles of today’s manufacturing and processing operations…

    Engineered for reliable performance and long service life, Vickers industrial valves deliver increased productivity and improved performance in the full range of industrial applications. Eaton’s Vickers industrial valves can be found anywhere in the world machines used to: cut, groove, bore, clamp, inject, press, form, lift, dig, haul or perform other functions required to keep customers competitive in the global market.

    Vickers Check ValvesCheck Valves: Industrial-strength check valves provide flexibility with inline, right-angle and manifold-mounted direct operated options.

    Directional Valves: Easily mountable on industry standard surfaces, Eaton Vickers DG valves provide 3- or 4-way control for cylinder or hydraulic motors.

    Flange Valves: Pre-packaged Eaton flange valves save space in systems, reduce leaking and improve equipment’s overall shock resistance.

    Flow Controls: Eaton flow controls feature low-flow regulation, volumetric control via temperature and pressure compensation and optional relief valves.

    Vickers Pressure ControlsPressure Controls: Relieve, reduce, sequence or unload fluid pressure with Eaton pressure controls, saving space and money in almost any hydraulics installation.

    Proportional Directional Valves: As trends move toward simple and more cost-effective, high-performance machine automation, Eaton Vicker’s AxisPro™ and KB Series proportional directional valves provide the flexibility, reliability and easy diagnostics to meet user demands for trouble-free operation for years to come.

    Proportional Flow Valves: With the external electrical wiring housed inside a sealed enclosure, Eaton proportional flow valves give hydraulic systems an edge with improved moisture resistance.

    Vickers Proportional Pressure ValvesProportional Pressure Valves: Eaton proportional pressure valves provide the ultimate “plug and play” experience while delivering performance and long-lasting durability in any hydraulics application.

    Proportional Valve Electronics: Eaton Vickers proportional valve electronics feature user-friendly, LED front panels and a variety of system feedback monitors to drive systems with precision and accuracy.

    Servo Valves: Exact positional accuracy. Repeatable velocity. Predictable force and torque regulation. Eaton Servo Valves gives a system everything it needs and more.

    Vickers Slip In Cartridge ValvesSlip In Cartridge Valves: Produce faster, more efficient and compact hydraulics with Eaton slip-in cartridge valves for high-flow systems.

    Sub Plates and Bolt Kits: Complete hydraulics system installations easily and correctly with sub plates and bolt kits from Eaton.

    SystemStak: SystemStak is a revolutionary compact system for sandwich mounting modular valves that saves space, money and time during installation.


    Visit our new Vickers hydraulic page for more information. 

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