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    Vickers X20 Series Pumps

    Vickers X20 series pumps…

    Vickers X20 pumpOffering a higher power density, the Vickers X20 series pumps satisfies the requirements of many mobile equipment engineers and operators. Compact and lightweight, the pumps has a reliable and productive service life to a variety of medium-pressure mobile applications, some of which include: harvesters, snow removal trucks, refuse trucks, fire engines, salt spreaders, crane/winch and telehandlers.

    Some of the features of the Vickers X20 series pumps include:

    • Robust, simple design with fewer parts and a long service life;
    • High horsepower operation;
    • Maximised power for a more efficient pump, compact design.
    • Increased pressure responsiveness that results in immediate steering response to the machine;
    • Consistent flow stability throughout shifts in pressure;
    • More control options (than standard gear pumps) to further drive machine efficiency
    • More efficient cooling and fan drive system to help meet Tier 4 emissions standards

    Vickers X20 series pumps are available in the 220 series, 420 series and 620 series.

    • 220 Series – Eaton’s X20, incredibly compact 220 series includes the 28cc displacement and features load sense control that helps increase productivity and efficiency in trucks, tractors, buses and so on.
    • 420 Series – The compact but powerful 420 series pumps maximise power density with constrained space requirements. The 420 series includes 41cc, 49cc, 62cc, and 80cc displacements.
    • 620 Series – The 620 series includes the 74cc and 98cc displacements and is built to meet flow requirements of even the most rigorous and demanding medium-pressure mobile applications.

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