Parker Cartridge Valves

Parker cartridge valves offer numerous features and benefits including a space-saving approach, less manifold machining for a lower manifold cost, and no manifold orifices to machine or press in.

Additionally, Parker cartridge valves are 100% tested and have no loose parts; the sleeve, plunger, spring and orifice are pressed together as one unit.

The range includes:

Load and motion control: Counterbalance, motion control valves, standard pilot assisted, independent of back pressure (vent to ATM), independent of back pressure (vent to drain), load control cartridge valves (3:1 ratio), load control valves (4:5:1 ratio), load control cartridge type valves, load control cartridge valves, 3K flange and load control valves.

Logic element: Integrated manifolds, spool type logic valves, poppet valves, spool type, 2-way (normally closed, pilot to open), 2-way (normally closed, pilot to open, external vent), 2-way (normally open, pilot to close) and 2-way (normally open, pilot to close, external vent)

Hydraulic solenoid coils and valve drivers: Unicoils | DS series | F series | legacy DS coils

Hydraulic line bodies, manifolds and cavities: D03 cartpak bodies, Parker standard bodies and cavities, Parker pilot pistons and cavity detail, sterling special bodies and cavities and STD cavity plugs and seal kits.

Manual hydraulic valves: A4D0134 (NFPA D03, Cetop 3, NG6) | A4D0234 (NFPA D05, Cetop RP 121-H, NG10) | D1VL (NFPA D03, Cetop 3, NG6) | D101VL (NFPA, Cetop 10, NG32) | D3L (NFPA D05, Cetop 5, NG10) | D31VL (NFPA D05H, NG10) | D4L (NFPA D07, Cetop 7, NG16) | D61VL (NFPA D08, Cetop 8, NG25) | D81VL | (NFPA D08, Cetop 8, NG25) | D9L (NFPA D08, Cetop 8, NG25)

Slip-in cartridge valves: RPDM | RS06M | S06M | C*B | C*A | C10 D*C | C*C | C*F | C*G | R06M | TEA | TEP | TDA | CE | CP | C18DB112 | TDA | TEA | TEH | C10D*C | C18DB | C | CD | CS | TDL (LVDT, OBE) | R*E | RS*E | RE*E*W | RE*E*T | UR*E | US*E | C1DB | C18D*C | CB | CE | CP | TDP (LVDT, OBE) | TPQ (LVDT, OBE) | ZUDB | UR06M/US06M | DSBA100 | C*H | DSDU | RPDM2 | ZUDB1 | DSBA100*P | DSBA100*Z | TDW series

Our hydraulic product portfolio is constantly growing with new parts added daily, but we still only show a small selection of what we can supply.

Parker Distributor Keep it Real

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