Danfoss OSPD Steering Unit

Orbital Steering Units


The Danfoss OSPD is a dual displacement hydraulic steering unit, which ensures easy manoeuvrability of machines of most sizes. Each unit in the complete steering range combines superior performance with the highest standards of safety, operator comfort and low noise levels.

Particularly suited to on-road machinery, the Danfoss OSPD can be offered with many different ratios between emergency steering and normal steering displacement, ratios between 1:2 and 1:7. The OSPD can also be offered with external shift of displacement:  different displacements can be selected to improve comfort and productivity.

Features include:

  • The OSPD has 2 rotary meters / gear wheel sets: in the case of no pump supply only one rotary meter is active for emergency steering; in normal steering situations both rotary meters are active
  • Low noise
  • Good steering control
  • Low steering torque 0.8 to 3.0 N
  • High back pressure possible up to 40 bar
  • One or several built in valve functions possible: pressure relief, shock and suction in L + R, check valve in P and in LS

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