Parker T12 Motor – Variable Displacement, Bent Axis


The Parker T12 motor is a dual, variable displacement motor and is made specifically for track drives. It is based on the Parker V12 series.

It allows a high ratio between high and low speed (maximum ratio is 3.33 : 1) and installs as easily as a fixed displacement motor. A simple setting device moves the cylinder barrel to the maximum or minimum displacement position. The setting is controlled by an external hydraulic pilot signal.

The Parker T12 motor is only available in one size (60 cc/rev) and has a maximum operating pressure of up to 480 bar and speed of up to 7,900 rpm.

Features and benefits include:

  • High operating speeds thanks to low weight pistons
  • High overall efficiency
  • The 9-piston design provides high start-up torque and smooth operation
  • Compact size and a high power-to-weight ratio
  • Low noise levels due to a very compact and sturdy design with smooth fluid passages
  • Long service life and proven reliability

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Download the Parker T12 Technical Catalogue >>>

T12 frame size60
Displacement [cm3/rev]
at 35° (max)60
at 10° (min)18
Operating pressure [bar]
max intermittent480
max continuous420
Operating speed [rpm]
max intermittent at 35°4700
max continuous at 35° 4100
max intermittent at 10°7900
max continuous at 10°6900
min continuous 50
Flow [litres/min]
max intermittent265
max continuous215
Output torque [Nm], 100 bar95
Output power (kW)170
Corner power (kW)
Weight (kg)26
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