Parker V12 Motor – Variable Displacement, Small Frame


The Parker V12 is a bent axis, variable displacement motor. The V12 series is available in 2 sizes (60 cc or 80 cc) and has operating pressures up to 480 bar (7,000 psi) and speeds up to 7,900 rpm. Its robust design means it can be used in numerous applications in both open and closed loop circuits.

Features include:

  • Displacements of 60 cc and 80 cc
  • High operating speeds thanks to low weight pistons
  • Wide displacement ratio (5:1)
  • Broad range of controls for most applications
  • ISO, SAE and cartridge versions
  • High overall efficiency throughout the entire Parker V12 displacement range
  • Nine-piston design provides high start-up torque and smooth operation
  • Compact size and a high power-to-weight ratio
  • Low noise levels due to a very compact and sturdy design with smooth fluid passages
  • Long service life and proven reliability

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V12 frame size6080
Displacement [cm3/rev]
at 35° (max)6080
at 6.5° (min)1216
Operating pressure [bar]
max intermittent480480
max continuous420420
Operating speed [rpm]
max intermittent at 35°47004300
max continuous at 35° 41003700
max intermittent at 6.5 to 20°79007200
max continuous at 6.5 to 20°69006300
min continuous 5050
Flow [litres/min]
max intermittent282344
max continuous246296
Output torque [Nm], 100 bar95127
Output power (kW)170205
Corner power (kW)
Weight (kg)2833
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