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    Slack & Parr FDR Flow Dividers

    Slack & Parr FDR Flow Dividers


    Slack and Parr FDR series rotary gear flow dividers are available with 2 to 6 elements/outlets with element capacities from 2 cc/rev to 9 cc/rev.

    These flow dividers have a SG grade cast iron body, heat treated steel gears and spindles, nitrile seals as standard and PTFE based metal polymer bearings. Optional extras include inductive sensors and relief valves.

    Ordering codes for the Slack and Parr FDR series are as follows:

    • FDR 2/2 | FDR 2/4 | FDR 2/6 | FDR 2/9
    • FDR 3/2 | FDR 3/4 | FDR 3/6 | FDR 3/9
    • FDR 4/2 | FDR 4/4 | FDR 4/6 | FDR 4/9
    • FDR 5/2 | FDR 5/4 | FDR 5/6 | FDR 5/9
    • FDR 6/2 | FDR 6/4 | FDR 6/6 | FDR 6/9

    Across the range:

    • Minimum input flow varies from 3 to 40.5 litres/minute at 750 rpm;
    • Standard input flow varies from 6 to 81 litres/minute at 1500 rpm;
    • Maximum input flow varies from 12 to 91 litres/minute at 3000 rpm.

    Rotary flow dividers split the input flow from a single supply into 2 or more outputs of equal or unequal flows. They can be used to synchronise rams to ensure level lifting or to operate two or more hydraulic actuators at different speeds, each with integral relief valve. They can also be used for can also be used for pressure intensifications by dumping one or more outlets to tank.

    Although rotation speed can be as low as 750 rpm and as high as 3000 rpm, maximum efficiency is achieved when a flow divider is selected to pass the required flows from 1000 to 2000 rpm.

    Download the Slack and Parr FDR Series Technical Catalogue >>>

    Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

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