Polarfront – The Explorer of the Arctic Sea

A Hydraulics Online Case Study

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Latitude Blanche is a French shipping company founded in 2017. After several years of cruising and ice navigation, they wanted to use their own experiences to offer a new, extraordinary approach to polar expedition and oh, boy, did they deliver! The pictures in this case study speak for themselves…

The Solution – "Quick and Precise"

Our team is frequently tasked with sourcing discontinued and even unidentifiable hydraulic components, or swapping original hydraulic manufacturers’ equipment into modern, off-the-shelf standard products, so the task in hand was a routine matter for our MD, Mark Tonks, who dealt with the case.

The optimal solution was quickly determined and after the exchange of a couple of emails, the order of the new fuel feed pump was signed, sealed and delivered—all within a swift 2-day window.

At Hydraulics Online, we offer valuable and trusted technical advice to every customer. As one customer once said: “You don’t just shift boxes; you know your business inside and out.”

Our independent access to over 80 brands means that we have no bias, and therefore can truly offer the best solution for our customers. Every time!


Do you want to become an Arctic Explorer?

The impact was dramatic. The supplied pump is the main engine fuel feed pump… without this pump the ship cannot move!

Yann le BellecCo-founder and CEO, Latitude Blanche

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