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    Hydraulic Power Packs & System Design

    We’re trusted hydraulic power pack suppliers…

    Well-versed in supplying systems for mobile and industrial applications alike – whether you are looking for a relatively standard unit, or a custom power unit as part of a larger design project.

    Add to this our competitive, customer-focused outlook, and you will soon see why Hydraulics Online enjoys a reputation for consistently providing practical, trusted advice and solutions the whole world over.

    Our collaborative approach provides a confidential environment to explore new system designs

    Hydraulics Online was founded in 2004 – working with integrity, day in, day out ever since. We don’t talk about many of the projects that we’re asked to get involved with. Most of it will be confidential forever – and that’s absolutely fine with us. We’ll happily work under non-disclosure agreements when commercially sensitive information and innovation is concerned – or even if you are just looking for additional reassurance.

    What we can tell you is that we have solid track record as trusted hydraulic power pack suppliers. Our systems are hard at work throughout the UK and all over the world as far away as New Zealand.

    Our hydraulic power units can be found: on emergency services vehicles and in mobility vehicles; lifts and bath systems used in hospitals and care homes; on fairground rides and roller coasters; in universities; in breweries; in steel works; on wind turbine masts and alternative energy power generation projects; in national distribution depots; in special events and outside broadcast hospitality suites; in prestigious horseboxes and hard-working livestock transportation vehicles; in tipping skip hoppers; on manufacturing and production lines or in bespoke construction and engineering projects and even in machinery making mud bricks used in the construction of basic housing in Africa.

    Hydraulic Power Pack

    Visit our hydraulic power pack gallery here

    Hydraulic Power Pack Case Study

    One customer that we can tell you about, however, is Concorde – three time over! We have designed and supplied hydraulic systems to the ‘droop nose’ projects on Concorde G-AXDN at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Concorde G-BBDG at Brooklands Museum, Surrey and Concorde G-BOAC at the Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park – bringing life back to these magnificent aircraft for visitors to enjoy for generations to come.

    “It’s been a real pleasure dealing with Mark and the team at Hydraulics Online. They have been very accommodating throughout, giving expert advice backed up by full written technical specifications and, of course, provided the equipment. I have 100% trust in their work and project management, which makes my job a great deal easier, as I can fully focus on the bigger picture.”

    Graham Cahill – Projects Director, Heritage Concorde

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a hydraulic power pack, and how does it work?

    A hydraulic power pack is a combination of: a prime mover/pump drive, hydraulic pump, reservoir and hydraulic controls to supply power to a hydraulic system. Hydraulic power packs are purposely designed to complete several operations with different forces and speeds. A hydraulic power unit (HPU) produces flow and pressure which enables it to drive hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, and other corresponding components of a hydraulic system, either rotary or linear.

    What types of hydraulic power pack can you supply?

    We supply a vast range including:

    • Electric hydraulic power packs

    • 12 volt DC, 24 volt DC, 110 volt AC, 240 volt AC and 415v AC hydraulic power packs

    • Hydraulic power packs – driven by petrol or diesel engine

    Can you supply ATEX-certified hydraulic power pack for explosive environments?

    We can provide certified, explosion-proof, intrinsically safe, hydraulic power packs, equipment and components that are compliant with the standards of the European ATEX directive. Read more here >>>

    What needs to be considered in a hydraulic power pack specfication?

    There are a number of factors that influence hydraulic power design including: the environment that the power unit will be used in and the application itself, type of prime mover, the forces and speeds required and the duty cycle. We can work through all of this with you to determine the right specification to meet your particular requirements.

    Custom Hydraulic Power Packs and Systems Design

    Since our earliest days we’ve worked with businesses ranging from start-ups through to Fortune 500 companies and other household names delivering that same partnership approach, dedication and passion. Your success equals our success.

    “Because Hydraulics Online is independent and not tied to any one manufacturer, I know that they are giving us the best solution and the best product for that solution.”

    Chris – Technical Director

    Meet our Senior Hydraulic Power Pack and Systems Design Consultants

    Leverage our substantial, award-winning systems and hydraulic power pack design expertise within our team to turn your engineering ideas into prosperous and pioneering solutions.

    Whether you’re looking for a hydraulic power pack for yourself, or for your customer, for a mobile or industrial system and regardless of whether your starting with a blank sheet of paper or have a hydraulic system design that you are looking to improve…

    Let’s work together – you’re in safe hands.

    ““…it’s been a success: more power, speed and a quieter running system”

    Marine services company

    Mark Tonks – Managing Director

    Mark is co-founder and managing director of Hydraulics Online. With over 30 years of industry experience, he has created a global fluid power solutions business in Hydraulics Online – with highly skilled engineers and pioneering technical know-how at the forefront. Mark is renowned for his innovative and customer-centric solutions and knows that attention to detail makes the difference between good hydraulic power pack and system design and great design. What may seem trivial is often an opportunity to achieve something exceptional… even world class. You can reach out to Mark via: consult@hydraulicsonline.com

    Steve Chew – Technical Sales Engineer

    With 30 years of hydraulic engineering experience under his belt, Steve knows more than a thing or two about the industry. He started his career within a hose and fittings business before becoming a buyer specialising in hydraulic cylinders for a number of years before finally joining the Hydraulics Online team in 2008. Steve is a highly valued technical engineer with in-depth knowledge of hydraulic cylinders; both standard and custom-made. Known for his highly pragmatic approach, he’s also renowned for successfully sourcing even the rarest of parts.

    I’m more than happy to order this hydraulic power pack with you, as the other five have been perfect for their various applications. Could I please have it under the order number “4041”.

    Standard Hydraulic Power Packs:

    G Series AC Power Pack

    AC Mini Power Packs

    Hydr-App Dana FP Series Power Pack

    DC Mini Power Packs

    Uni-directional autopack

    Micro Hydraulic Power Packs

    MK3D AC Power Pack

    Smiths Industries Power Packs

    Other Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you calculate hydraulic power pack performance and capacity?

    A number of factors influence a hydraulic power unit’s performance including pressure, flow (speed), power capacity available, and reservoir volume. Physical characteristics, including size, power supply, and pump flow and pressure are also important considerations.

    Do you do hydraulic power pack repairs?

    In many cases well-repaired hydraulic equipment is indistinguishable from a brand new unit. We offer a hydraulic repair service on power packs, pumps, motors, cylinders and other types of hydraulic equipment. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Do you supply hydraulic power pack components and accessories?

    Yes, we do. Our product range includes: electric motors, prime movers, pumps, filters, valves, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders and actuators and more.

    Which hydraulic power pack manufacturers and other suppliers do you deal with?

    We work with 80 brands to supply the widest selection of hydraulic brands and components in the UK. And because we’re independent, you’re guaranteed impartial technical advice and optimal solutions. Every time. Please get in touch if there is a particular branded hydraulic power pack that you are looking for.

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