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    Bucher Hydraulic Flow-Preventing Valves

    With a high pressure rating and virtually no leakage, Bucher hydraulic flow-preventing valves are perfect for agricultural machinery, construction machines, general mechanical engineering and plant engineering:

    RVG series check valves, size 04 … 40: RKVE 170_P_051000_E.

    RKVG series check valves, size 04 … 16: RKVG 170_P_051100_E.

    RVE series check valves, size 04 … 25: RVE 170_P_050000_E.

    RVPA series check valves, size 10: RVPA 400_P_455101_E.

    RKVE series check valves, size 04 … 40: RKVE 170_P_051000_E.

    RVVE series check valves, size 04 … 40: RVVE 170_P_051010_E.

    RVC series check valves, size 04 … 25: RVC 170_P_050200_E.

    RKVC series check valves, size 04 … 40: RKVC 170_P_051200_E.

    RVSAE 3/6 series check valves for SAE flanged connections: RVSAE 170_P_060000_E.

    RVSAE 3/6 DS series check valves for SAE flanged connections: RVSAE 170_P_060100_E.

    RWA series shuttle valves, size 2:  RW 400_P_470101_E.

    RWZ series shuttle valves, size 2: RWZ 400_P_470501_E.

    WRVCG series shuttle valves, size 04…10: WRVCG 170_P_053000_E.

    DERV series pilot-operated check valves: DERV_300-P-9050061-E.

    ERV series pilot-operated check valves: ERV_300-P-9050014-E.

    ERVH series pilot-operated check valves: ERVH 170_P_052000_E.

    REP series pilot-operated check valves: 400-P-456101-E, 400-P-456501-E, 400-P-457101-E and 400-P-457101-E.

    SRE… / SREA… / SREZ series stack-mounting pilot-operated check valves: 400-P-465101-E, 400-P-466101-E, 400-P-467101-E, 400-P-468101-E, 400-P-465101-E, 400-P-466101-E, 400-P-467101-E, 400-P-468101-E, 400-P-465101-E, 400-P-466101-E, 400-P-467101-E and 400-P-468101-E.

    Drain Valves: 400-P-405071-E, 400-P-405101-E and 400-P-405101-E.

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