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    Eaton Hydraulic Steering

    Eaton hydraulic steering solves problems efficiently worldwide…

    Key features of the Eaton hydraulic steering range include:

    • Shortened steering linkage to increase cost-effectiveness and offer design flexibility;
    • Seclusion of load forces for enhanced operator comfort;
    • Continual, infinite control action with low input torque;
    • A diverse selection of control circuits and meter sizes;
    • VersaSteer Technology for easy steering mode switching;
    • EH Proportional Valve (GPS, autoguidance and steer-by-wire);
    • Anti-jerk valves for smoother steering;
    • Functionality with many kinds of power-steering pumps or fluid supply.

    Columns Columns: If you need a column for a vehicle application, the Eaton hydraulic steering column solution fully loaded for ultimate fit, practicality and durability. Designed as sturdy, single weldment structures, these columns and mounting flanges include high thrust and side-load capabilities with lower shaft torsional friction. With a low-gloss black finish and a phosphate-coated, oil-dipped shaft, Eaton steering columns have increased efficiency and have a longer shelf-life with added corrosion protection.


    Series 10 SCUSeries 10 SCU: The ultimate Steering Control Unit (SCU) for mid-range flow applications, the Series 10 SCU from Eaton assists hydraulic fluid flow. Its 275 bar (4,000 psi) pressure rating and widewalled sleeve allows the Series 10 SCU to adapt to smaller, cost-efficient cylinders. In addition, operators appreciate its built-in Eaton technologies like Q-Amp®, Wide Angle, VersaSteer and Two-Speed Steering that allow optimum control.



    Series 20 SCUSeries 20 SCU: Used in for both rigid frame and articulated vehicles, Eaton’s Series 20 Steering Control Unit (SCU) is the ideal component for smooth, accurate steering in trucks, transporters, tractors and more. With a high capacity Gerotor, a thicker sleeve design, and proven Eaton technologies like Q-Amp®, Wide Angle and VersaSteer, these compact SCUs give users effortless steering and engineers a more cost-effective solution and more space to work with.



    Series 25 SCUSeries 25 SCU: The Series 25 Steering Control Unit (SCU) helps you to lessen manufacturing finances and increase steering sensitivity. Using patented balanced architecture and wide angle designs for additional dependability, the Series 25 SCU can be fully loaded with other Eaton technologies, including Q-Amp®, a pilot pressure port, integrated valves and a high-capacity Gerotor assembly for optimum capacity—all in an incredibly small bundle.



    Series 40 SCUSeries 40 SCU: The Series 40 Eaton Hydraulic Steering Control Unit (SCU) includes integrated valves—both symmetrical and progressive for uniform, efficient steering—a high capacity Eaton Gerotor assembly and two patented designs (balanced architecture and wide angle), the Series 40 SCU is the complete solution for both articulated- and fixed-frame vehicles.



    Series 5 SCUSeries 5 SCU: From small equipment for lawns and gardens to larger machinery for golf greens and turf fields, the Series 5 Steering Control Unit (SCU) offers a solid steering feel and greater effectiveness than competitive units. Available in two flexible, compact designs—square housing with side ports and round housing with end ports—the Series 5 SCU is the ideal low-flow, low-pressure component.



    Technology: 2 SpeedTechnology: 2 Speed: Dependant on the application, users can now simply switch between two metered steering modes to achieve greater productivity. Available on the Series 10 Steering Control Unit (SCU), two-speed technology offers intuitive, efficient and precise steering with minimal operator effort, and manual or emergency steering in unpowered mode for better safety and control.



    Technology: Dual DisplacementTechnology: Dual Displacement: Available as a feature for high displacement Steering Control Units (SCUs), such as the XCEL 45 and Series 10, dual displacement technology from Eaton is an perfect component for vehicles with emergency steering back-up or those that need to meet ISO/TUV road regulations. Automatically shifting flow in the event of pressure or power loss, dual displacement technology maximizes steering safety for emergency situations.


    Technology: Electro-hydraulic SteeringTechnology: Electro-hydraulic Steering: The combination of Eaton’s reliable steering units and advanced proportional valve technology results in responsive autoguidance systems that are cost-effective and reliance on skilled labour while improving fuel economy, crop production and system safety. Available in open-center and load-sensing configurations, these products feature pressure capability and repeatable accuracy to +/- 2cm with RTK GPS.



    Technology: EPACS Knob Control Technology: EPACS Knob Control: By porting oil from the hydraulic pump to the steering cylinder, Eaton’s hydraulic Electronic Proportional Active Control Steering (EPACS) Knob Control system helps keep wheel alignment straight when steering wheels are straight. This affordable, compact, automatic system helps reduce costly accidents, thereby increasing productivity and safety in the warehouse and in the field.

    Technology: Q-Amp: Built in to many Eaton hydraulic steering products, Q-Amp® technology gives users the ability to manually steer articulated vehicles, whether they’re used primarily for driving straight or making frequent sharp turns. By providing flow directly to the cylinder without going through the Gerotor section, Steering Control Units (SCUs) with Q-Amp can provide both manual and power steering to help keep agricultural and industrial vehicles operating safely and efficiently.

    Technology: VersaSteerTechnology: VersaSteer: VersaSteer allows users to easily switch between Quick Steering mode for environments requiring numerous fast turns, and Metered Steering mode, which offers emergency steering in the event of power loss for normal driving or roading. An Eaton Series 10 or Series 20 Steering Control Unit (SCU) equipped with VersaSteer technology increases productivity while reducing effort and fatigue up to 95%.

    Technology: Wide Angle: Articulated vehicles such as wheel loaders and dumpers are infamous for jerky, jarring motions. Developed to reduce or eliminate the jerky motion in all varieties of articulated steering systems, wide angle technology is available on Eaton Series 10, Series 20 and Series 25 Steering Control Units (SCUs). The resulting smoother driving experience equates to efficiency gains all around—with fewer fatigued drivers and less need for costly jerk-reducing valves and accumulators.

    Torque GeneratorTorque Generator: Redesigned from the ground up to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace, Eaton torque generators provide steering power assist for equipment serving everywhere from lawns and gardens to turf fields and golf courses. For powerful rotary motion with effortless manual rotary input, load sensing and power beyond capabilities and much more, look for torque generators from Eaton.

    Valves: Satisfy the most demanding requirements for steering applications with steering valves from Eaton. Our product line features a variety of valve types including Priority, Check, Brake, Flow Divider, Antijerk, GPS Steer and Four Wheel Steer Switching Valves.

    XCEL 45XCEL 45: Including open center, load-sensing capabilities and six integrated valve options—manual steering, check, inlet relief, inlet check, cylinder relief, load sensing relief and anti-cavitation—the XCEL 45 provides operators with the steering experience they want, and engineers with all of the varied configurations they need.


    Wheels: Eaton hydraulic steering products are based on the latest wheel technology, offering a host of stylish yet robust options that are perfect for a wide variety of applications. Improve safety, ensure long-lasting, weather-resistant durability and increase functionality with available control features, including a soft-touch feel, spinner knobs and horn buttons.

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