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    Introducing our New Brand Identity

    Introducing the new Hydraulics Online logo and brand identity

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    Hydraulics Online has come a long way since it was founded in 2004 and, with our fifteenth-year anniversary just around the corner, we are ready to accelerate our vision well into the future.

    Today we are releasing an updated brand identity with a new logo, colour variations and font.

    We believe our new look better reflects what we’ve become since 2004: an independent global leader of customer-centric fluid power solutions, explains Helen, Co-founder and Operations Director.  The new logo is a stepping stone to our next big milestone later this year when we’ll reveal our brand new digital presence. Watch this space!

    Our New Brand Identity

    The creation of our new logo has been a real team effort with many fun brainstorming sessions and an injection of input from close business partners.

    We wanted to create a timeless brand mark, true to our roots and our online presence, that would also reflect our vision to become the world’s leading independent provider of customer-centric fluid power solutions.

    What’s changed? We’ve lost the mouse-click cursor symbol and incorporated a new globe into our logo. Given the changing way people are accessing our service through mobile and social, we felt the mouse-click cursor no longer accurately reflected what we do or how hydraulic systems are at the forefront of modern technology, innovation and research.

    The new globe in our logo reflects the increasing global scope of our business. Today Hydraulics Online operates in a wide global marketplace. We support customers in over 130 countries. There simply isn’t a market where we’re not involved.

    “This is where our new strapline has come from,” explains Helen.  “The ‘power’ is a nod to ‘fluid power’ as well as emphasising we really are ‘powering the world’.”

    Let’s take a closer look at the different elements of the logo…

    The elements of the new Hydraulics Online logo explained

    The new logo is also scalable and available on different backgrounds, allowing us to integrate it into different mediums over time.

    The Hydraulics Online logo evolution

    The journey and logo evolution

    The first logo was adopted when the business was founded in 2004. Green was chosen as the brand identity colour, symbolising energy and growth; it also stood out amongst the industry’s more conventional choice of blue and black.

    The “y” in the word “Hydraulics” had a curved shape representing fluid and hydraulic hose, and a “click arrow” was featured to emphasise the online platform the business is built upon.

    The first logo strap line was “Your One-Stop Hydraulics Resource” – a reference to the independence of the business and the fact that nothing was out of scope in terms of brand reach and service.

    By 2013 the logo was given a facelift in the form of a new fresh green colour tone and the shape was modernised and simplified by integrating the click arrow within the rectangular form of the logo. 

    A new strap line “Let us take the pressure” acknowledged the company’s growing reputation for being able to solve problems that others couldn’t.

    We are known for our diligent sourcing and our dedication to excellent customer service.  This takes the pressure off our customers and enables them to always deliver on their service promises.

    Mark Tonks explains: We always like our customers to feel delighted that they have found us and know that their business is in safe hands. We will always deliver on the fine operational details and deadlines; allowing our clients to focus on their own strategy and the bigger picture of their business. With our huge industry experience, our technical team is well placed to take the pressure.

    A Bright Future

    Hydraulics Online stands in a great position to accelerate our new brand identity and vision well into the future. This paves the way for the launch of the company’s new digital presence later this year.

    We have also taken this opportunity to bring our vision and mission statements up-to-date.

    The vision remains crystal clear:

    To become the world’s leading independent provider of customer-centric fluid power solutions.


    COMPANY MISSION: Highly committed employees and happy customers are the bedrock of our business. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction – whether it’s a small one-off job or an enduring relationship delivering complex hydraulic services. We are built on quality and technical

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