Adan Hydraulics is a leading British manufacturer of geroter / geroler, low-speed, high torque hydraulic motors.

Adan hydraulics motors come with a high pressure PTFE shaft seal. This means that a case drain, in most cases, is unnecessary. The design of the geroter / geroler motor with a rotary commutator valve, feeds the oil to fluid chambers. Furthermore, an in-built, speed reduction and torque multiplication is achieved in a compact manner. The motors produce considerable power over a wide speed range and are fully reversible.

The Adan hydraulics range provides direct equivalents for most of their foreign competitors’ products. And in addition to spool valve hydraulic motors and plate valve hydraulic motors include: spur and epicyclical gear boxes, reduction units, fail safe brakes and valves.

Adan hydraulic low speed high torque spool valve (AMM, V, W, Compact, E, F, G and H series) and plate valve (MS, MT, MV, MTAA and MTAB) geroter / geroler hydraulic motors can be found within our product catalogue below.

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