Duplomatic Pressure Control Valves

Duplomatic pressure control valves: pressure relief with and without unloading, cartridge type pressure relief, pressure reducing and sequence and balance valves

Duplomatic pressure control valves are used to keep system pressures safely below a desired upper limit or to to maintain a set pressure in part of a circuit through relieving, reducing, sequencing or unloading fluid pressure.

The most frequently used hydraulic pressure control valves include: relief, reducing, sequence, counterbalance and unloading pressure control valves.

The Duplomatic range comprises:

  • CR and DBV – cartridge type, direct operated pressure control valve;
  • CRQ and PRK10 – cartridge type, pilot operated pressure control valve;
  • PCK06 – cartridge type, two-way and three-way pressure; compensator with fixed or variable adjustment;
  • RM*-W – pressure control valves;
  • RQ*-W and RQ*P – pressure relief valves;
  • RQM*-W and RQM*-P – solenoid operated pressure relief valves; with unloading and pressure selection;
  • MRQA and RQ**-P – unloading valves for accumulator circuits;
  • RQ*M*-P – unloading valve with automated or solenoid operated venting;
  • RQM*K*-P – explosion-proof solenoid operated pressure relief valves with unloading and pressure selection (ATEX, IECEx and INMETRO;
  • Z*P – pressure reducing valves;
  • S*-P sequence valve, U*-P unloading valve, T*-P back-pressure valve;
  • X*-P , ZC2 and DZC* balancing valves.

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options, or if you cannot see the Duplomatic pressure control valves that you need – we’ll be delighted to help!