Eaton Electronic Control Units & Software

Eaton electronic control units and software – introducing a smarter way to design, engineer and build intelligent machines.

Eaton’s Pro-FX Technology Platform features easy-to-use software and a robust library of pre-programmed development tools. This functionality streamlines application development and simplifies hardware setup, enabling customers to build safer, smarter machinery in a quick and efficient way. Pro-FX does not tie you to a single supplier like rival proprietary suppliers, instead it uses an open source platform. Further, it uses industry-standard languages and protocols, allowing for greater flexibility. Consequently, this facilitates the integration of components and sub-systems more easily.

Eaton offer a number of electronic units compatible with their Pro-FTX software, the full range includes:

VFX Programmable Displays: Eaton VFX programmable displays enable sophisticated connectivity and control while simplifying the design process and operator experience. These displays have smart software tools and a growing library of pre-programmed visual elements. This helps to shortcut the delays between development and time-to-market. Additionally, VFX displays are engineered to perform and built to last, even in the most demanding environments and applications.

HFX Programmable Controllers: These controllers are applicable to a range of applications including harvesters, dump trucks, cranes or other mobile on- or off-highway equipment. The versatility can add power and versatility to any potential application. The controllers come in four models (HFX12m | HFX20m | HFX32m | HFX48m), all of these cover powerful 32-bit processors, configurable CAN channels and an industry-leading software configurable I/O system. Overall, Eaton HFX programmable controllers provide an ideal solution for tough challenges and environments.

Keypad Electronic Switch Modules – E31: The keypad electronic multiplex switch module (eSM E31) can operate in severe environment applications with exceptional operator feedback. Eaton have developed an increased degree of sealing – now IP68 – to enable this dependability. These modules are tactile to use, with audible switching and up to four LED visual indicators.

Wireless Machine Control: Eaton wireless machine controls deliver dependable and precise operation, allowing customers to remotely and safely control their equipment. The technology uses OMNEX industrially-hardened Trusted Wireless™ FHSS radio technology and impact resistant packaging to achieve this. The range includes mobile machine control: expansion modules, receivers and transmitters.

Please contact us for details, advice and configuration options, or if you cannot see the Eaton electronic control unit that you need. We’ll be delighted to help!