Eaton Hydrostatic Transmissions

Eaton hydrostatic transmissions introduce a host of benefits over mechanical and electric variable speed drives – exceeding expectations in operations that need variable speed output.

They incorporate a variable-displacement radial ball piston hydraulic pump, a fixed-displacement radial ball piston hydraulic motor and a system of valves – all contained within one compact housing.

The range includes:

Eaton Light Duty Hydrostatic Transmission Models 6, 7 and 11: With integrated aluminium cooling fans and a ball piston design that has reduced sensitivity to overheating, this pump and motor package offers exact, reliable and very responsive single-lever control, even in tough conditions. This means cleaner design, operation and upkeep for lawn tractors, concrete saws and agricultural sprinklers.

Eaton Light Duty Hydrostatic Transmission Models 751, 771, 781, and 851: Four models offer varying pump and motor configurations. They have an original design with special noise-reducing pistons that guarantees silent, simple performance even in the rough environments.

Eaton Right Angle Transaxles (RAT), Model 778: Featuring forward and reverse directionality, RATs are the ideal single pump, single motor assemblies for small vehicles. They have a tried and tested design with inbuilt noise-reducing pistons, meaning easy, reliable and silent operation.

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