Hydrocontrol hydraulics has been manufacturing market-leading hydraulic components since it was founded in Bologna in 1969 – an area that is renowned for its passion for precision engineering

In 2016 the company joined the Walvoil S.p.A. group and today it continues to produce high quality sectional, monoblock, load-sensing and selector valves and hydraulic remote controls, gear pumps, motors and flow dividers.

The Hydrocontrol hydraulics valve range includes:

  • Hydrocontrol sectional directional control valves: with flow rates from 35 to 700 litres / minute, up to 12 sections, a choice of configuration options and manual, hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic and electro-pneumatic controls teh raneg comprises: D4, D6, D9, D12, D16, D20, D25, D40, D3M, DVS10, DVS14, DVS16, DVS20
  • Hydrocontrol load-sensing flow sharing directional control valves: EX38 and EX46 (1 – 10 sections), EX54 and EX72 (1- 8 sections) for maximum pressures of 350 bar and flow rates from 130 – 450 litres/minute
  • Hydrocontrol monoblock valves – directional control valves: the M45 has a  nominal flow rating of 45 litres/minute and up to 6 sections and both the M50 and TR55 valves have a nominal flow rating of 50 litres/minute and up to 7 sections. All have a maximum pressure of 350 bar (5100 psi)
  • Special application valves: FL50 (monoblock for fork lifts), SK6 and SK8 (monoblocks for skid steer loaders), M25 (monoblock for wheel loaders), EV31 (sectional valve for mini excavators) and D4L (sectional valve for tractors)

Please contact us if you cannot see the Hydrocontrol hydraulics equipment that you need – we’ll still be able to help!