Lovejoy Inc operates in the power transmission marketplace since 1920s. The company is a leading supplier of flexible shaft couplings and other power transmission components.

Lovejoy hydraulics manufacturers: hydraulic pump and motor mounts (bell housings). In additon the range includes: hydraulic couplings, power transmission, BNZ series water-oil coolers, reservoirs and accessories.

Jaw Type Couplings

These couplings form part of the industry’s largest variety of stock bore/ key-way combinations. The fact that they require no lubrication, means that they provide highly reliable service for light, medium and heavy duty electrical motors. Plus also internal combustion power transmission applications. Lovejoy’s Jaw Type couplings are available in 24 sizes: from a minimum torque rating of 3.5 in–lbs (0.4 Nm) to a maximum torque rating of 170,004 in–lbs (19209 Nm). Bore range of .125 inches (4.45mm) to 7 inches (178mm). Lovejoy’s standard bore program covers: AGMA, SAE, and DIN bore/key-way, as well as spline bore combinations.

Lovejoy hydraulics Jaw Type couplings generally consist of two hubs. Firstly, the sintered which comes in: metal, aluminum, bronze, steel, stainless steel and ductile iron. Secondly in an elastomer element, known as a spider or cushion. The materials available for the latter are: NBR, SOX rubber, Urethane, Hytrel®, and Bronze.

Jaw In-Shear Coupling

The Jay in-sheer coupling is non-fail safe. In other words, the coupling acts as a fuse to prevent equipment damage in the event of torque overloads. Instead of the spider being compressed in between the interlocked jaws of each hub, our In-Shear coupling has the hubs drawn apart with the jaws aligned axially. The wider spider is then in a shear-plane. Above all, common applications for the Lovejoy Jaw In-Shear Coupling include: electric motors to centrifugal pumps, fans, blowers, gear boxes, and plastic extruding machinery. It solves many maintenance problems in industries like: pulp & paper, petrochemical, mining and steel.

Curved Jaw three-piece design

This design incorporates a radial curvature to the jaw face, as well as both radial and axial curvature (crowning) to the elastomer (spider). This feature provides improved torsional softness and an angular misalignment capability of up to 1.3°. The curved jaw type coupling provides highly reliable service for light, medium and heavy duty electrical motors. As well as internal combustion engine power transmission applications. Moreover common applications for curved jaw type couplings include: connecting power sources to pumps, gear boxes, compressors, blowers and fans, mixers, conveyors and generator sets.

S–Flex Coupling

The S-Flex coupling ensures ease of assembly and reliable performance in a wide variety of applications. Moreover no special tools are needed for installation or removal. The S–Flex coupling design is comprised of three parts. Firstly, two flanges with internal teeth engage an elastometric flexible sleeve with external teeth. Each flange is attached to the respective shaft of the driver and driven and torque is transmitted across the flanges through the sleeve. Secondly, misalignment and torsional shock loads are absorbed by shear deflection in the sleeve. The shear characteristic of the S–Flex coupling is very well suited to absorb impact loads.

The S–Flex coupling from Lovejoy offers combinations of flanges and sleeves, which can be assembled to suit your specific application. Thirteen sizes are available with torque capabilities that range from 60 in-lbs (6.78 Nm) to 72,480 in-lbs (8189 Nm). The S–Flex flanges are offered in five models made from zinc die cast or cast iron. Sleeves are available in EPDM rubber, Neoprene, or Hytrel® to address a wide variety of application requirements.

Lovejoy Sier-Bath Gear Couplings

These are available in a wide assortment of configurations, which include: C and F standard hubs and sleeves, mill motor hubs, vertical style, floating shaft and spacer designs. Moreover, additional size ranges and designs can be made to meet unusual application requirements.

The applications for Lovejoy gear couplings are numerous. In particular, continuous and flanged sleeve gear couplings are known for serving applications involving extended distances between shaft ends, mill motors, and limited end float situations. In addition, Lovejoy nylon sleeve gear couplings are effective in motor/ generator sets, motor/pump sets and many other light duty industrial settings.

Lovejoy Grid coupling

The Lovejoy grid coupling reduces vibration by as much as 30%. Furthermore its cushions shock-loads to safeguard your driving and driven equipment. The flexible nature of the spring-like grid absorbs impact energy by spreading it out over time. This reduces the magnitude of the peak loads. How is this possible? The simple answer is thanks to the progressive contact that occurs between the curved profile of the hub teeth and the flexible grid. Therefore, as the load increases, more of the tooth comes into contact with the grid. Above all, this ensures superior protection and supreme performance. Lovejoy’s Grid couplings offer versatility. Common hubs and grids are used within a given size range for both horizontal and vertical split cover models. Grid installation and replacement is a “snap” at only a fraction of the complete coupling cost.

Any load applied on the coupling in operation must first surmount the compressive forces created by peening before the tensile stress reaches the grid. This provides a dramatic increase in rating over other coupling types, increases reserve strength for longer life and may furthermore permit selection of a smaller coupling. Ultimately reduced cost!

Lovejoy Disc Packs

These disc packs are made of high grade stainless steel (AISI-301), which ensures high strength, high endurance to fatigue and resistance to most environmental conditions. Lovejoy disc couplings utilize unitized disc packs with 4, 6 or 8 bolt designs. Moreover, Lovejoy couplings can also be fitted with overload bushings to protect the disc pack during momentary torsional overloads.

Lovejoy torsional couplings solve torsional vibration problems found in, for example, diesel engine driven equipment. These include all: internal combustion engines, reciprocating pumps and compressors, as well as variable frequency drives (VFD).

The Torsional Couplings dampen torsional vibrations and tune, or adjust the system’s critical speeds away from the application’s operating range.

Last, but not least, Lovejoy also offers a full selection of both vertical and horizontal mounting configuration pump / motor mounts in both SAE and Metric pump flanges. And they offer both NEMA and IEC electric motor mounts.

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