Bonfiglioli Axial Piston Motors


Bonfiglioli axial piston motors are designed for track drive systems on construction and plant vehicles. The range comprises the 700CK and 700CT series; each being specialised for different mechanical applications.

These Bonfiglioli axial piston motors are suitable for: compact track loaders, mini excavators, crawler excavators, cranes. Both motors have a rugged yet compact design specialised use in challenging environments, as well as product lifetime mechanical seals. Both motors are optimized for their lightweight construction, efficiency and smooth operation. Important key features include: a rotating output flange with large PCD suitable for a sprocket and high torque/ load capacity.

Technical specifications of the 700CK:

  • Input speed: up to 3,500 rpm
  • Brake options: hydraulically released failsafe parking brake automatically operated by main pressure system.
  • Motors: Kayaba hydraulic motors, fixed and dual displacement, complete with counterbalance valve.
  • Motor options: pressure relief valves, shockless type, anti-cavitation valve.
  • Weight class: 1.5 to 120 ton range.
  • Torque output: 1,200 Nm – 220,000 Nm.

Technical specifications of the 700 CT:

  • Input speed: up to 3,500 rpm.
  • Brake options: hydraulically released spring applied parking brake, with an external
    independent port.
  • Motors: fixed or dual displacement, with flushing valve circuit, suitable for
    closed loop applications.
  • Motor options: speed sensor mounting.
  • Weight class: 2.5 to 9 ton range.
  • Torque output: 3,500 Nm – 14,500 Nm

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