Danfoss OLS OLSP OVPL Steering Valves


Danfoss OLS, OLSP and OVPL series priority valves give your steering system precedence. That makes it an important safety feature on load-sensing hydraulic systems. Oil flow to the steering system and work hydraulics is supplied by just one pump

Features and benefits across the range include:

  • Low pressure drop for high fuel efficiency, low noise and stable operation
  • Available in static and dynamic versions
  • Dynamic flow gives a quick reaction time with no hard spot when initiating steering
  • Optional pilot pressure relief valve for OLS 160 and OLS 320

The new Danfoss priority valve OLS 320 can fulfill demands from large tractors, wheel loaders, motor graders and container trucks.  The priority valve OLS 320 is to be used in connection with Danfoss steering units, including: OSPC LS, OSPF LS, OSPD LS, OSPQ LS and OSPL LS in load sensing steering system with pump flow up to 320 litres/minute.

OLS 320 priority valve is available as in-line and flange-on versions for EHPS. Pressure drop P-EF is very low, less than 6 bar at 320 l/min at EF load higher than spring force.

The Danfoss OLSP 80 is used in connection with Danfoss SNP gear pumps and steering units type OSPC LS, OSPF LS, OSPD LS and OSPQ LS in load sensing steering systems. Maximum oil flow is 80 litres/minute. OLSP priority valves are to be flanged on gear pumps with outlet ports square flange type 35.

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