Donaldson SRK Combo Filters


Donaldson SRK filters are suction / return combination in-tank filters. They are commonly used for hydrostatic transmissions and mobile equipment.

The filtered flow is maintained at a slight back-pressure to provide clean, pressurised oil, mainly for charge pumps in hydrostatic transmission systems. The pressurised flow is designed to reduce cavitation risks.

This patented design uses an integrated main flow and bypass flow filter, which is capable of delivering filtered and pressurised oil, even in bypass situations. Emergency suction flow is also filtered.

The SRK operates in a standard flow (outside to inside) configuration.

Maximum working pressures go to 10.0 bar (145 psi) and rated static burst to 15.0 bar (217 psi). Their flow range is to 300 litres/minute and operating temperature range is -30°C to 100°C (-22°F to 212°F). Standard bypass rating is 2.5 bar (36  psi) and standard back pressure 0.5 bar (7.3 psi).

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