Duplomatic DFP Vane Pumps


Duplomatic DFP pumps are fixed displacement vane pumps. They are available as single pumps, coded DFP, or double pumps, coded DFDP.

They are made in 4 different sizes, with each size having 5 different nominal displacements: DFP1 from 18 to 45.9 cc/rev | DFP2 from 40.1 to 67.5 cc/rev | DFP3 from 69 to 121.6 cc/rev | DFP4 from 138.6 to 193.4 cc/rev.

Maximum flow rate for a single pump at 1500 rpm ranges from 26.1 to 285 litres/minute, with maximum operating pressure from 175 to 210 bar. Speeds range from a minimum of 600 rpm to 2700 rpm, maximum.

The pumping group is composed of a cartridge type compact element that contains the rotor, the vanes, the cam ring and the head disks. The cartridge is easily removable without the need to disconnect the pump from the hydraulic circuit, thus simplifying maintenance.

The elliptical profile of the cam ring, with double suction and delivery chambers one against the other, eliminates the radial thrusts on the rotor. This reduces wear of the pump. The 12-vane rotor also reduces delivery pressure pulsations, suppressing both vibrations and the noise level of the pump.

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