Duplomatic RV1D Vane Pumps


Duplomatic RV1D pumps are variable displacement vane pumps with a  mechanical pressure compensator.

The pressure compensator keeps the cam ring of the pumping group in the eccentric position by using an adjustable load spring. When the delivery pressure equals the spring setting pressure, the cam ring is moved towards the centre instantaneously, adjusting the flow rate to the values required by the machinery.

Energy consumption is reduced in every phase of the cycle. The pump group has hydrostatic axial compensation distribution plates – they improve the volumetric efficiency and reduce component wear. In zero flow demand conditions, the pump only delivers fluid to compensate for any possible leaks and pilot lines, keeping a constant circuit pressure.

The pumps are available in 10 sizes with nominal displacements from 16 cc/rev to 120 cc/rev: RV1D-016 | RVD-020 | RVD-025 | RVD-032 | RVD-040 | RVD-050 | RVD-050 | RVD-063 | RVD-080 | RVD-080 | RVD-100 | RVD-120

Flows at 1500 rpm range from 25.5 to 184.5 litres/minute. Maximum working pressure ranges from 90 to 120 bar.

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