Euro Press Pack COI#N Cylinder – Oil Return


The Euro Press Pack COI#N is a multi purpose oil return cylinder. COI#N cylinders have a metric collar thread and a mounting body in the base for versatile fixing and support. They also have an internal rod thread. The cylinder is designed with concentric grooves upon the rod end to improve load grip. For models with 30 ton force and higher, eyelets are fitted to aid in transportation and have a hole in the rod for fitting saddles or other fixtures. A safety valve connected to the return chamber prevents any potential overpressure. The end of stroke nut has a wiper to prevent the entrance of dirt, increasing longevity in adverse conditions.

Technical specifications of the Euro Press Pack COI#N include:

  • Force: 10-500 tons
  • Stroke: 150-325 mm
  • Maximum working pressure: 700 bar


The COI#N is a highly versatile and strong cylinder, designed to be used in industrial applications with a high number of working cycles. They are also used to push in underpass constructions and in piling operations. The benefit of having a threaded collar means they can be securely mounted on presses.

Users should note the important requirement to lower the pressure inside the cylinder before disconnecting the quick coupler. Practicing this avoids problems re-inserting if lowering the load. In the case that pressure persists it is possible to use the KTS38 apposite tool in order to lower the pressure in the couplers.

Optional equipment: separate ZTT tilt saddle reduces the effects of possible off-centred loads.

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