Euro Press Pack MLP Air Hydraulic Pump


The Euro Press Pack MLP pump is an extremely light and versatile air-hydraulic pump. Thanks to their unique design (with plastic outside and a metal alloy inside), these pumps are exceptionally reliable and suitable even for the most difficult operations.

All the pumps have a maximum pressure valve which is not adjustable from the outside. Instead, the outward pressure can be adjusted by varying the inward air pressure.

Versions are available with varying maximum pressure valves – these include: 80, 350, 700, 1000, 1500, 2100 and 3000 bar.

There are four basic models, onto which ancillaries can be added to expand the pump’s functions. Lower pressure versions are best suited to use within the rapid exchange of equipment on machine tools, in hydraulic clamping, in the industrial sector. Versions with higher maximum operating power are better for the lifting, maintenance and  automotive sectors, together with bolt tensioner cylinders and hydraulic nuts, bearings press fitting, and finally for laboratory and burst tests.

Key technical specifications of the Euro Press Pack MLP include:

  • Reservoir capacity: 2.5 – 10 litres
  • Maximum pressure: 80 – 3000 bar
  • Inlet air pressure: 2.8 – 8.5 bar
  • Air consumption: 500 – 2100 litres per minute

Common applications include: aerospace, energy and power generation, maintenance and industry.

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