Hy-Pro RV100 Pilot Operated Relief Valve


The Hy-Pro RV100 is a pilot operated cartridge relief valve, designed for excellent repeatability. It has extremely flat flow and pressure characteristics to ensure that the setting accuracy is maintained over a wide band of flow.

This valves is available as a cartridge to fit a standard Hy-Pro cavity or in a range of single and twin cartridge manifolds. The twin cartridge, 4 ported manifold is commonly used to prevent shock loads in hydraulic motors and equal-ended cylinders. It can be supplied as a cartridge in a manifold for inline relief and two can be combined for dual line relief. Adjustments are made using a grub screw and lock nut, which can be fitted with an optional tamper evident cap.

Key technical specifications of the Hy-Pro RV100 are as follows:

  • Maximum flow: 100 litres per minute
  • Maximum pressure: 250 bar

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

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