Hydraulic Valves

There are dozens of valves to choose from including: actuator, ATEX hydraulic valves, ball, cartridge, cetop, check…

…compensated flow control, cut off, deceleration, directional 3/2 way, directional 4/3 way, directional control, directional monoblock, diverter, electronically modulated flow, explosion proof, flameproof, flow control valves, flow regulator, glandless spool, joystick, logic, manually  or mechanically operated valves, non-return check, off-loading, over-centre, pressure amplifiers, pressure control, pressure relief, pressure shut off, proportional, quick exhaust, safety, safety pressure lock up, safety pressure relieving, safety slow start, safety slow start pressure applying, sequence, sequence & unloading, servo, shuttle, throttle type and two-handed control hydraulic valves.

Add to that the vast range of manufacturers and brands available and it can be daunting to know which is best for your application! But that’s where our technical team can help.

About Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic valves regulate or direct the flow of fluid within a hydraulic system, specifically by the position of a spool inside a cast iron or steel housing within the valve itself. The spool slides to different positions in the housing, and intersecting grooves and channels route the fluid based on the spool’s position.

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When a hydraulic valve fails, you’re a machine down and can’t source a replacement anywhere. Until you come to Hydraulics Online…