Hy-Pro V5-60 Specialist Winch Sectional Valve


Hy-Pro V5-60 G1/2 sectional valves are a standard in winch applications across the marine industry. They operate with either rotary levers or by-pass flow controls, in conjunction with precise spool metering to accurately control the winch speed. These valves are robust, featuring environmental-protection for external and internal components to withstand harsh on-deck conditions.

The Hy-Pro rotary lever was developed to facilitate precise control of motors and cylinders for the operator. The lever swings through an arc of 130° and works by means of a scroll, converting the rotary action of the lever into axial movement of the spool. The centring mechanism has a friction detent feature which positively holds the spool in neutral then maintains the selected position.

A number of options are available:

  • Inlet cover: side or top ports, with or without a relief valve
  • Outlet cover: side or top ports, with or without pressure carry over (PCO) port
  • Spools: motor ( P, A & B to T) or cylinder (P to T, A & B blocked) configurations

Key technical specifications of the Hy-Pro V5-60 are:

  • Maximum Pressure: 250 bar
  • Maximum Flow: 60 litres per minute

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