Hydac Electronic Pressure Switches


Hydac electronic pressure switches offer a number of advantages over mechanical or contact pressure alternatives. The easy operation and a number of switching cycles enables impressive accuracy from these switches. The range has been optimised for operational longevity and consistent stability. Common employments may include: mobile hydraulic systems, explosive atmospheres, road vehicles, shipbuilding and offshore rigging.

Depending upon the specific product purchased, some versions are available with measured-value displays. The electronic function of these switches facilitates calibration in units of bar, psi and MPa. Other setting ranges or special calibrations can be programmed on request.

The full range of Hydac electronic pressure switches comprises: EDS300, EDS820, EDS1700, EDS3100, EDS3300, EDS3400, EDS4100, EDS4300, EDS4400 and the EDS8000.

 Standard technical specifications are as follows:

  • Relative pressure: 0-1 and 0 to 600-1000 bar, depending on version
  • Absolute pressure: up to 2.5 bar

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