Hydac Flow Rate Transmitters


Hydac flow rate transmitters are designed for use in hydraulic and other fluid power systems, operating in accordance with the turbine principle. This means that the rpm of an impeller wheel rotating in the flow of the media is measured and converted into a 4 – 20 mA analogue signal. Two further G1/4 threaded holes in the turbine housing allow additional units to be connected.

The range comprises:

  • Hydac EVS3000 series electronic flow rate transmitters works in accordance with the turbine principle (recording the rpm of an impeller wheel rotating in the media flow): EVS 3100 (for oils/viscous fluids) and EVS 3110 (for water-based media)
  • HFT 2000 flow transmitter series is based on a position-independent float measuring principle; HFT 2100 (for oils/viscous fluids)
  • HFS 2000 series electromechanical flow rate switches, for general applications, based on the buoyancy transmitter measurement principle: HFS 250 (for water/water-based coolants); HFS 2100 (for oils/viscous fluids); HFS 2500 (for water/water-based fluids)
  • Electronic flow rate transmitters for applications in explosive atmospheres: Hydac HFT 3100 (flameproof enclosure); HFT 3110 (intrinsically safe design)
Please contact us if you cannot see the flow rate transmitters that you need or further technical details and configuration options.
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