Hydac Pressure Transmitters


All Hydac pressure transmitters are configured with a thick-layer strain gauge on ceramic membrane for a low setting range, and a thin-film strain gauge on stainless steel membrane for low and high setting ranges.

The Hydac range of pressure transmitters includes: HDA4100 | HDA4300 | HDA4400 | HDA4700 | HDA4800 | HDA7400 and the HPT1000.

 Standard technical specifications across the range include:

  • Relative pressure: 0-1 and 0 to 600-2000 bar, depending on version
  • Absolute pressure: up to 2.5 bar
  • Calibration also in psi and MPa
  • ATEX-rated versions
  • Other setting ranges or special calibration are available on request

Common applications include: shipbuilding, machine tools, mobile cranes, steel mills, machine construction, marine and offshore, laboratory applications, applications with hydrogen.

Please contact us if you cannot see the pressure transmitters that you need – we’ll still be able to help!

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