Italgroup FD Series Radial Piston Flow Dividers

Flow Dividers


Italgroup FD series radial piston flow dividers allow a single flow to be divided into two output flows; pressure independent and in different division ratios. High volumetric efficiency is achieved by the radial piston construction design; precision levels exceed 99% and there is excellent control even at low oil flows. Integrated reset valves compensate for any misalignment at the end-stroke and protect against pressure peaks and cavitation.

Click on the “Model Codes and Technical Data” for more details on the full range of Italgroup FD series flow dividers.

All have a maximum of 2 sections and operate at a maximum continuous pressure of 250 bar, and maximum intermittent pressure of 280 bar. Displacement per section ranges from 20 cc/rev to 3479 cc/rev.

Peak pressure across the range varies from 300 to 350 bar and maximum continuous flow varies from 25 to 490 litres/minute, with maximum intermittent flow varying from 35 to 590 litres/minute. Maximum power per section ranges from 12 hp / 9kW to 200hp / 147kW. Dry weight ranges from 55kg to 900kg.

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Italgroup FD Flow Dividers
Model Max Number of SectionsPistons per sectionDispl./ Section (cc/rev)Max Cont. Pressure (bar)Max. Int. Pressure (bar)Peak Flow / Section (l/min)Max Flow / Section (l/min) Max. Int. Flow (l/min)Max. Power / Section (hp)Max. Power / Section (kW)Dry weight (kg)
FD 202920250280320253512955
FD 2729272502803203550161255
FD 3429342502803204560201555
FD 5029512502803206080272065
FD 75297625028032090120413065
FD 902989250280320110140483565
FD 10029102250280320125160544065
FD1 8025802502803505565272090
FD1 100251002502803507085342590
FD1 15025157250280350110130523890
FD2 250252532502803501301506145110
FD2 350253622502803501651907958110
FD3 400253972502803501701908260180
FD3 450254522502803501902159167180
FD3 5002549125028035021023010174180
FD3 6002559425028035023026010980180
FD4 8002579225028035025029512088230
FD4 90025904250280350285335139100230
FD5 140025137625028030029034011987460
FD5 150025152825028030032037513096460
FD5 1600251648250280300350400143105460
FD6 2500252525250280300390460160118900
FD6 3000252983250280300440525179132900
FD6 3200253289250280300460550188138900
FD6 3500253479250280300490590200147900
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