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Italgroup has manufactured completely European-made hydraulic motors, since 1985. They guarantee innovative and customisable products that are equally interchangeable with other manufacturers' units.

Italgroup manufacture radial piston hydraulic motors and radial piston flow dividers. Their equipment offers solutions to more than 200 applications in industrial automation, mobile machinery, marine and within offshore and mining machinery.

Their extensive product range comprises motors with  displacements from 20cc to 13000cc; flow dividers with an extensive oil flow range and a wide variety of related accessories. Furthermore, their products allow for fixed- and dual- speed versions to be combined with planetary gearboxes, brakes and many different valves.

Optimising rotary drive efficiencies

Italgroup radial piston motors optimise rotary drive efficiencies thanks to the constant torque maintained for the entire speed range – even at very low speed and starting condition. Available from 20cc to 13,000cc, in single, dual and triple displacement, these hydraulic motors can be supplied in combination with mechanical brakes, planetary gearboxes, flow dividers and several accessories and optional such as, valves, speed sensors and anticorrosion treatments.

Their motors are directly interchangeable with those of other manufacturers including Dinamic Oil hydraulic motors and Duesterloh (Dusterloh) motors. In addition they are directly compatible with: Staffa hydraulic motors (Kawasaki Precision Machinery), Riva Calzoni radial piston motors and Sai hydraulic motors.

Please contact us for further technical guidance or if you cannot see the motor or hydraulic equipment that you need listed below – we’ll be happy to help!

Italgroup Product Range


Italgroup FD Series Radial Piston Flow Dividers

Flow Dividers


Italgroup FDM Series Multi-Stage Radial Piston Flow Dividers

Flow Dividers


Italgroup G and GD Series Motors

Compact – High Speed Single and Dual Displacement Radial Piston Motors Italgroup G and GD motors have 9 radial pistons…


Italgroup HC Series Motors

Swivel Cylinder – Single Displacement Radial Piston Motor Italgroup HC (High Cavitation) series motors are single displacement crankshaft radial piston…


Italgroup HCD Series Motors

The Italgroup HCD series motor is is a high performance radial piston motor capable of working up to 450 bar…


Italgroup Negative Brakes

Italgroup brakes are spring-applied hydraulic-released parking / emergency brakes. Available in models: RA | RB | B1 | B2 |…


Italgroup PG Series Planetary Gearbox

Hydraulic Gear Boxes


Italgroup R8C Series Motors – Replacing IAC Motors

Dual Displacement Radial Piston Motor The Italgroup R8C motor series is the evolution of the former Italgroup IAC series motor.…


Italgroup R8D Series Motors – Replacing IAMD Motors

Italgroup R8D is a heavy duty,  single displacement hydraulic motor. The R8D motor is the evolution of the former Italgroup…


Italgroup R8M Series Motors – Replacing IAM Motors

Single Displacement Radial Piston Motor The new Italgroup R8M motor series reflects more than 20 years’ worth of improvements to…


Italgroup RC Series Motors

Wheel Motor with Drum Brake Italgroup RC wheel motors comprise a radial piston motor and drum brake for dynamic/parking braking.…


Italgroup Valves

Italgroup have a complete range of compatible flangeable valves for hydraulic motors; all have steel bodies. The series comprises: RVDA…


Italgroup W Series Motors

Single and Dual Displacement Wheel Motor Italgroup W-series hydraulic motors are crankshaft radial piston motors combined with a single stage…


SAI BV Series Radial Piston Motors

SAI BV series variable displacement radial piston motors have an integrated electronic control system supplied together with the motor. The…


SAI TF Series Radial Piston Motors

SAI TF series radial piston motors have seven cylinders and a continuous pressure rating of 350 bar. The TF offers…


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