KYB Hydrostar MRH and MR Radial Piston Motors


KYB Hydrostar MRH and MR series motors are low speed high torque (LSHT) radial piston motors. They act as a very durable ‘workhorse’ in a wide variety of industries and applications,

With displacements from 208 cc/rev (12.7 in³/rev) to 8795 cc/rev 536.7 in³/rev the series comprises :

  • Single displacement models: MRH-12 | MRH-30 | MRH-45 | MRH-60 | MRH-80 | MRH-95 | MRH-135 | MRH-190 | MRH-270 | MRH-375 | MR-525 and MRHD-540
  • Multiple displacement models include: MRH2-45-1 | MRH2-45-2 | MRH2-95-1 | MRH2-95-2 | MRH2-135-1 | MRH2-135-2 | MRH2-190-1 | MRH2-190-2 | MRH2-270-1 | MRH2-270-2 | MRH2-375-1 | MRH2-375-2.

Features include:

  • Speed is infinitely variable and the torque is constant over the entire speed range;
  • Excellent efficiency allows precise positioning of driven equipment;
  • Rapid acceleration, deceleration and reversing;
  • Large main bearings assure long life and allow heavy side load capacity;
  • 25 standard models offering up to 20,000 lb. torque;
  • Many multiple displacement models;
  • SAE ports including 4 bolt flanges and straight threads;
  • SAE splines and tapered keyed shafts are standard;
  • Several drain port locations to ease mounting;
  • Seals made of VitonÆ.

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Single Displacement

 Displ. in³/rev (cc/rev)Max Cont. Pressure (psi)Inter. Peak Pressure (psi)Speed Range (rpm)Max Cont. Power (hp)      
MRH-1212.7 (208) 53535703-60042
MRH-3030.4 (498)130035703-50085
MRH-4545.5 (746)204035703-400120
MRH-6061.3 (1005)256035703-380155
MRH-8082.8 (1357)356035703-300175
MRH-9593.4 (1531)413035703-300190
MRH-135133.9 (2194)594035703-220200
MRH-190191.6 (3140)867535703-175230
MRH-270268.4 (4398)1164835703-125225
MRH-375377.5 (6186)1630035703-120300
MR-525523.9 (8585)1952030003-80220
MRHD-540536.7 (8795)1980030003-100280

Multiple Displacement

 Displ. in³/revMax Set. Pressure (psi)Inter. Peak Pressure (psi)Max Speed Range (rpm) @ 3000 psi Max Speed Range (rpm) @ 3570 psi Max Free Wheeling Speed (rpm)Max Horse Power (hp)      
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