KYB Hydrostar

KYB Hydrostar Americas Corporation is a subsidiary of KYB Corporation with head offices located in Tokyo, Japan.

The company specialises in hydraulics, with technology widely used in the aeronautical, automotive, construction and railway industries.

The KYB range of hydraulic components includes KYB Hydrostar motors. For instance, a radial piston low speed high torque (LSHT) hydraulic motor and track drive motors (a 2-speed Axial Piston drive motor with an integrated motor, valve and gearbox).

Moreover the range includes a mini-motion package, which is an electric over hydraulic linear actuator featuring a DC Motor.

KYB Hydrostar furthermore specialises in hydraulic pumps, valves and cylinders – all integrated into a compact unit, as well as: gear pumps, cylinders, control valves and mixer truck components. The latter features a variable displacement piston pump with a fixed displacement piston motor.

The KYB Hydrostar® motor

THis motor is a durable radial piston low speed high torque (LSHT) hydraulic motor. Above all its used in many mobile, industrial and marine applications. Single displacement models include: MRH-12, MRH-30, MRH-45, MRH-60, MRH-80, MRH-95, MRH-135, MRH-190, MRH-270, MRH-375, MR-525 and MRHD-540. Multiple displacement models include: MRH2-45-1, MRH2-45-2, MRH2-95-1, MRH2-95-2, MRH2-135-1, MRH2-135-2, MRH2-190-1, MRH2-190-2, MRH2-270-1, MRH2-270-2, MRH2-375-1 and MRH2-375-2.

The KYB Hydrostar mini-motion package (MMP4)

This is an electric over hydraulic linear actuator, which features: a DC motor, hydraulic pump, valve and cylinder – all integrated into a compact unit.

KYB Hydrostar track drive motor

The KYB Track Motor is a high torque, high efficiency 2-speed axial piston drive motor with an integrated motor, valve and gearbox. Above all, it’s most commonly used on tracked mobile equipment. Models in the MAG series include: MAG-12v-120E, MAG-18V-230F, MAG-18V-320E, MAG-26V-400, MAG-33V-550E, MAG-44VP-800, MAG-85VP-1800, MAG-85VP-2400E, MAG-170VP-3800E and MAG-230VP-6000.

KYB Hydrostar gear pumps (KFP23 and KFS23 series)

These pumps have evolved over the years to meet customers’ requirements for: strength, efficiency, and low noise. Moreover they are available in both cast iron and aluminium. Standard type, KFP23 series, models include: KFP2312, KFP2314, KFP2317, KFP2319, KFP2323, KFP2325, KFP2327, KFP2328, KFP2330 and KFP2333. Low flow pulsation and noise type, KFS23 series models include: KFS2312, KFS2315, KFS2317, KFS2320, KFS2324, KFS2325, KFS2327, KFS2329, KFS2331 and KFS2333.

KYB Hydrostar control valves

These valves are available for a wide variety of applications. KYB valve types include: sectional (KVSE-36, KVSE-72), sectional load sensing (KVSX-12, KVSX-14) and monoblock types (KVMM-80, KVMM-160, KVMG-270 and KVMG-4000.

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