Vivolo Vivoil Manifold Instantaneous Auto-Compensating Flow Divider MIA-FD


Auto-compensating flow divider in aluminium, and with external gears.

High -precision component to group 1. Generally, there is no need to use single relief valves with this product, but you can always install them at a later time using the CETOP interfaces.

MIA-FD, which stands for Manifold Instantaneous Auto-compensating Flow Divider, is the new generation of dividers with capability to compensate for different actuators pressure load variances. Designed to distribute and supply the different branches of the circuits with constant and independent flow rates. It is very useful for lifting objects with different weights, keeping them aligned. For example, MIA-FD is used to keep platforms in line for lifting animals and trucks.

  • Displacements from 0.91 cm3/rev to 9.88 cm3/rev
  • Maximum pressure up to 250 bar
  • Rotation speeds up to 6500 rpm
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