Parker C101 / C102 – Cast Iron Gear Pump


Parker C101 / C102 fixed displacement gear pumps (“dump pumps”) offer high performance and endurance thanks to their cast iron construction. They are ideal for vocational and municipal equipment alike, and are available as a standard pump with integrated valve for raising and lower dump beds, with integral relief valve.

Summary technical specifications:

  • Flow to 104.9 litres/minute
  • Displacement from 104.9cc / rev
  • Operating pressures up to 138 bar (2,000 psi)
  • Speeds up to 2,400 rpm
  • Volumetric efficiencies up to 94%
  • Clockwise, counter clockwise-wise and bi-rotational pumps available
  • SAE shafts, flanges and porting
  • Integrated relief valve and load hold valve
  • Integrated raise/neutral/lower valve
  • Air shift valve available

The C101 has two shafts and can be mounted to remote PTO’s operating in either direction of rotation. Single shaft units, C102 mount directly to the vehicle drive train. All can be connected in two- or three-line circuits to control single-acting cylinders. All units are supplied with factory-set 2000 psi relief valves.

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