Parker D1FB Directional Control Valve


The Parker D1FB valve is a proportional directional control valve, available with or without on-board electronics (coded D1FB OBE).

It is suitable for applications requiring speed control. Both versions can be ordered with spool/sleeve design  (D1FB*0) for maximum precision as well as spool/body design (D1FB*3) for high nominal flow. The parameters can be saved, changed and duplicated in combination with the digital power amplifier PWD00A-400.

The D1FB OBE valve has  digital on-board electronics situated in a robust metal housing. This allows usage under rough environmental conditions. Nominal values are factory set. The cable connection to a serial RS232 interface is available as accessory. The valve parameters can be edited with the common ProPxD software for both versions.

Features and benefits of the Parker D1FB valve include:

  • Spool/sleeve and spool/body design – provides versatile applications, for maximum precision or high nominal flow
  • Manual override – allows to actuate the valve without current
  • Low hysteresis – ensures high repeatability and thus improved process and product accuracy
  • 3 command options for D1FB OBE: +/- 10 V | 4… 20 mA | +/- 20 mA
  • D1FB*EE only: optional coil to permit ambient temperature up to +60 °C, modification XG371
  • High level of dynamics and flows – optimised process speed

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Download the Parker D1FB Technical Catalogue >>>

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