Parker PGP511H Pump – Group 2, Aluminium Gear Pump


The Parker PGP511H pump is a silent gear pump from the PGP500H series which utilises a specially developed rotor profile.

This rotor profile has a single point of contact and completes an overlap which eliminates any trapped volume of fluid. The result is a silent, continuous transmission of fluid when compared to the pulsations of a traditional gear pump.

PGP500H series pumps reduce noise, pulsations and vibrations from the hydraulic system and offer high pressure performance. They are perfect for industrial and mobile applications sensitive to noise such as electric and hybrid vehicles.

Single unit Parker PGP511H series pumps are available in 8 displacements from 28cc/rev to 50cc/rev: PGP511HA-010 | PGP511HA-0126 | PGP511HA-0159 | PGP511HA-0179 | PGP511HA-0200 | PGP511HA-0221 | PGP511HA-0252 | PGP511HA-0283

Maximum operating pressures are up to 260 bar and speeds up to 3,000 rpm – see the technical details tab.

Features and benefits of Parker PGP511H pumps include:

  • Clockwise, counter-clockwise rotation
  • SAE shafts, flanges and porting available
  • High volumetric efficiency, at high or low speed, resulting in energy savings
  • Additional cost savings when eliminating a secondary noise reduction measure

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

Download the Parker PGP511H Technical Catalogue >>>

Model 01010126159179200221252283
Displacement (cc/rev)10.1012.6015.917.92022.125.228.3
Continuous pressure (psi/bar) 3626/ 2503408/ 2353626/ 2503408/ 2353118/ 2152901/ 2002756/ 1902538/ 175
Minimum speed (rpm) 400400400400400400400400
Maximum speed (rpm)30003000300030003000300030003000
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