Parker TE Series – Light Duty Gerotor Motor


The Parker TE Series Torqmotor™ is a durable low speed, high torque hydraulic motor. It is ideal for light duty applications such as vehicle propulsion, augers, chain drives, winches and boom rotation.

The motor is available in 15 displacements from 36 cc/rev to 392 cc/rev: TE0036 | TE0045 | TE0050 | TE0065 | TE0080 | TE0100 | TE0130 | TE0165 | TE0195 | TE0230 | TE0260 | TE0295 | TE0330 | TE0365 | TE0390

With its 25.4 mm nominal shaft size and roller bearings, the Parker TE Series can carry maximum dynamic side loads to 6672 N at the key. Maximum intermittent pressures are up to 190 bar and torques to 648 Nm.

Features and benefits include:

  • Roller bearings
  • Robust construction for longer life
  • Continuous oil flow across internal splines for longer life
  • Superior side load capacity
  • Smooth, extra low speed operation
  • High pressure shaft seal as standard
  • Innovative design eliminates the need for a case drain

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

TE Motor00360045005000650080010001300165019502300260029503300365390
Displacement (cm³/rev) 364149658298130163195228260293328370392
Max speed (rev/min)114110241020877695582438348292328297256228203191
Max cont. oil flow (l/min) 343434454545454545575757575757
Max int. oil flow (l/min)424250575757575757757575757575
Max cont. pressure (bar) 1401401401401401401401401401201101001009585
Max int. pressure (bar)190190190190190190190190190165155145135125120
Max supply pressure (bar)200200200200200200200200200200200200200200200
Max cont. torque (Nm)54.67190125160190255310390380400428443467445
Max int. torque (Nm)71.199127176220264352436528514550582600648628
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