Parker Gerotor Motors

Parker gerotor motors deliver excellent performance with high efficiency, true wear compensation and longer service life.

The range of Parker gerotor motors includes:

  • TB Series | A light duty low speed, high torque motor with up to 1″ shaft, superior side load capacity and high pressure shaft seal
  • TE Series | A light duty motor, and the only motor in its class with roller bearings. The TE Series can handle side loads of 6672 N and withstand the pounding delivered by chain and sprocket couplings
  • TL Series | Compact, medium duty motor. Intermittent pressures are 241 bar, and torques to 1163 Nm
  • TF Series | Medium duty motor available with flange or wheel mounts. The TF Series motor has intermittent pressure ratings to 280 bar and torque to 920 Nm; side load capability is 17792 N on flange mounts and 26688 N on wheel mounts
  • TG Series | Medium duty motor with increased power and durability, available in flange or wheel mounts. Torque is to 1490 Nm and displacements are up to 960cc
  • TH Series | Medium duty motor with higher side-load capability up to 35586 N on flange mounts and 33360 N on wheel mounts.  Torques to 1490 Nm and intermittent pressure up to 280 bar
  • TJ Series | Light duty motor that marries the TE Series drive train with a larger, heavier duty roller bearing and shaft. This compact, economical wheel motor has intermittent pressures to 190 bar and torques to 648 Nm
  • TK Series | Heavy duty motor and the largest in the ramge. It is available in flange and wheel mounts
  • TS Series | Light duty stainless steel gerotor motor for corrosive environments or underwater applications
  • Parker Nichols 110A | A compact motor with unique drive train that has low internal stresses and long life
  • Parker Nichols M2 and M4 Series | High speed gerotor motors for applications to 5000 rpm and 7500 rpm respectively
  • Parker Nichols 700 and 716 Series | Two-speed, medium duty motors gerotor motors using two separate power elements on a common shaft.

Parker Distributor Keep it Real

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