SAI S Series Radial Piston Motors


SAI S series fixed displacement radial piston motors provide displacements from 3000 to 6000 cc/rev, which can reach rotation speeds up to 3 times higher than traditional radial piston motors. The high ratio between maximum and minimum speeds, together with excellent efficiency and cavitation resistance make this series ideal for high power density applications where performance and reliability are the priorities.

Model series S7B offers displacements ranging from 1373 cc/rev to 4298 cc/rev, torque of 21.9 Nm/bar to 68.4Nm/bar and peak power of 400kW.

Model series S9 offers displacements ranging from 2262 cc/rev to 7697 cc/rev, torque of 36 Nm/bar to 122.5 Nm/bar and peak power of 500kW.

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