Slack & Parr FDR Stainless Steel Flow Dividers


Slack and Parr FDR stainless series rotary gear flow dividers are used in aggressive or corrosive environments and are usually manufactured to order.

The standard configuration for these flow dividers is to have: a 316 stainless steel body, heat treated stainless steel gears and spindles, nitrile seals and PTFE based metal polymer bearings. However, other alternative materials are available depending on the specific operating environment.

Optional extras include inductive sensors and relief valves.

As with the standard FDR range, they are available with 2 to 6 elements/outlets and with element capacities from 2 cc/rev to 9 cc/rev.

There are no standard ordering codes for the Slack and Parr FDR stainless series flow dividers, as these projects need collaboration between the engineering teams involved – with the resultant unit design often being a completely bespoke build to accurately matched to the process conditions.

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

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