Wandfluh ATEX Valves


Wandfluh ATEX valves are available as spool valves, proportional spool valves, poppet valves and proportional pressure valves. They offer increased safety with a flameproof enclosure, making them intrinsically safe. The standard valves are also available in explosion and corrosion protection executions, have a modular design and can be adapted to specific customer requirements with a wide range of options.

They have sandwich- and cartridge construction (screw in cartridges M22x1.5 and M33x2) and are available in nominal sizes: NG4-mini, NG6 and NG10

Maximum pressures are up to 350 bar and volume flows are up to 100 litres/minute.

These valves offer explosion protection in accordance with EN 60 079 (EN 50 014) and are for use in Zones 0,1 and 2.

You can read more about the ATEX Directive and equipment requirements here.

Apart from a very broad, high-quality and low-priced standard product range, Wandfluh develops customer-specific hydraulic valves, electronics and software to precisely meet even the most complex requirements in customer projects. Suitable for a broad range of mobile and industrial applications, typical sectors include energy, marine, oil and gas, mobile and industrial.

Please contact us for further technical details and configuration options on Wandfluh ATEX valves – we’ll be delighted to help!


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